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2020 Year End 1099 Changes for TOPS iQ




Due to the 2020 IRS changes to 1099’s this year requiring e-filing, some changes have been made to TOPS Professional.

  1. Starting this year, we will no longer have the option to print 1099’s from TOPS Professional. The vendor information will need to be exported out of Professional, then imported to 3rd party program, like Yearli. 
    Click here to learn more about Yearli and its TOPS integration. 

  2. We have a new setting for fields regarding the new 1099-NEC forms.
    Click here to learn more and see if you need to fill out the new form. 


Before the following changes can be reflected on your device, update your server and workstation.



Step By Step 


1, Click File 

2. Then Year End Processing 

3. Click Process 1099s



You will then see the Community List.

By default, all communities are selected to process 1099's. Communities that are selected will have a checkbox under the column include. 


4. Update the selected community list, if needed. 
Clicking the box at the top will (de)select all communities.  



View Community Vendors

Double-clicking on a community will display the Vendors assigned to the community and their information. 

The community can be updated in the Community dropdown menu on the top left. 


5. Verify the vendor information and check the 1099 box if they are to receive a 1099 form.


To search for a vendor or information tied to a vendor, search it in Find. 

The search is global and will search all the vendors in your portfolio, including those in other communities. 


Edit Vendor Information 

1. Select a Vendor to view or edit.

2. Click F2 on your keyboard to see an expanded view of their information 
3. Click Save when complete.


By default, the information displayed will be that of the 1099-NEC form. To view fields for 1099-MISC forms, update the dropdown next to Show.  


Export 1099 Data 


6. Once the communities have been selected, and the vendor information has been verified, click Save. 

This opens another window where you can change the Minimum 1099 Reportable Amount, Include Zero Balance Vendors and enter the IA BEN number.

The IA BEN number is required for only Iowa users. This can be left blank for users in other states.


7. Click Export 1099s 


This creates a folder under TOPSdatapath\Master\1099Export which can be accessed by clicking on “Open Folder”. 

Here you will find the 3 folders EXCEL, CSV and YEARLI which contains the files that will need to be imported to a 3rd party program to generate the 1099 forms. 


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